Huntly RSA (INC)
Huntly RSA (INC)


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Membership Draws and Raffles

Huntly RSA (INC) Huntly RSA (INC)


    • Batons up - Meat raffles every Thursday from 5.30pm
    • Membership Draws -
      Thursdays  7:00pm, Saturday 7:30pm
    • 1st Saturday of month 1 pm, Coal town Country Music Club
      4th Sunday of month 1 pm, Huntly Country  Music Club
    • Huntly Muso Club meets 1st Thursday night of month 7.30pm

To win a Membership Draw the member must be in the Club at time of draw and present their membership card

Huntly RSA (INC) Huntly RSA (INC) Huntly RSA (INC)