Huntly RSA (INC)
Huntly RSA (INC)

You're most welcome to join with us

Huntly RSA located at 42 Williams Street, extends a friendly invitation to members, affiliated members and their guests.

Our Club has a long standing involvement in this vibrant Waikato community that has a history of Coal, Power Stations and the Topp Twins.

The Huntly RSA has a proven record of fellowship, camaraderie and support of the Huntly community extending over 100 years.

The mixed membership and their guests enjoy the many sub-sections and entertainment provided by the Club.

It extends an invitation to join this club which also has a safe and friendly environment for its members and partners.

Welcome and Enjoy our Facilities
Huntly RSA (INC) Huntly RSA (inc)

Trading Hours:
Wednesday - Sunday from 1pm

Phone : 07-828 9732
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